Facts you should know about the Qatar World Cup in 2022

Facts you should know about the Qatar World Cup in 2022


The FIFA Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022 will be the XXII release of the Men's Soccer World Cup coordinated by FIFA. It will occur from November 20 to December 18 in Qatar, which acquired the association freedoms on December 2, 2010.


It will be the third time that the competition is played on the Asian landmass, after the 2002 release, played in South Korea and Japan, and Russia 2018 (albeit the last option had just a single setting in Asian territory), and the first to be held in Western Asia. Likewise interestingly, the competition happens in the Center East, in a Bedouin country with a Muslim larger part, as well as the one with the littlest regional extension.


We present you some curious facts about the Qatar World Cup 2022


Number 1. Qatar 2022 will be the main World Cup that isn't played throughout the late spring in the northern side of the equator. Furthermore, it is that because of the great temperatures existing in the Asian country during June and July, regular months of the extraordinary occasion, the competition has been delayed to the long stretches of November and December. The temperature throughout the mid year ranges somewhere in the range of 40 and 50 degrees Celsius, unimaginable for playing soccer.


Number 2. Without precedent for the historical backdrop of World Cups, one will be played in the Bedouin world, explicitly in the Center East, a domain that many years is cutting out a specialty for itself in the world of football because of petrodollars.


Number 3. Qatar will be the littlest host city in World Cup history. The nation just has 11,500 square kilometers and the competition will be played in just 8 arenas, the most reduced number since the 1978 World Cup in Argentina was played in 6. The ordinary of the last releases has been somewhere in the range of 10 and 12 fields.


Number 4. The appointment of Qatar as the host country for the World Cup has been damaged by debasement. France Football revealed in 2013 a plot that connected with domains and characters of the height of FIFA, Nicolas Sarkozy, Michel Platini or Joseph Blatter. Pay-offs, purchased votes and favor bargains that prompted one of the blackest episodes of the greatest soccer body.


Number 5. Qatar stays trapped in the past at the degree of opportunities. Homosexuality is rebuffed in this Bedouin nation and this issue is of extraordinary worry to FIFA, who plans to ensure opportunity for the LGTBI people group in the World Cup. Also, and no less significant, the Qatar World Cup will be stained everlastingly by the in excess of 6,000 passings that have been recorded starting around 2010 in the development of seven of the eight competition arenas. Security and modest work in unfortunate circumstances have been the "B side" of the association of the competition, the less flashy yet notable side that conceals the extraordinary fair.


The proposition to carry 26 footballers to the 2022 Qatar World Cup has proactively been placed on the conversation table of the FIFA Football Board.


It is said that the proposition will be supported and many mentors of public groups previously arranged are assembling their rundown, considering 26 players.


The 32 countries qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2022 are Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, The Netherlands, Uruguay, Croatia, Denmark, Mexico, the United States, Senegal, Wales, Poland, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Switzerland, Ghana, Korea Republic, Cameroon, Serbia, Canada, Costa Rica, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Ecuador. Host city Qatar will lead the way in the opening match of the tournament.


Below is a list of those classified with important information:

No Country (FIFA Ranking) Region How it was ranked World Cups played Titles (last)
1 Qatari (51) Asia Asia 1 of 22
2 Germany (12) Europe 1ro. Gr.J 20 of 22 4 (2014)
3 Denmark (11) Europe   6 of 22
4 Brazil (1) South America Top 4 22 of 22 5 (2002)
5 French (3) Europe 1ro. Gr. D 16 of 22 2 (2018)
6 Belgium (2) Europe 1ro. Gr. E 14 of 22
7 Croatian (16) Europe 1ro. Gr. H 6 of 22
8 Spain (7) Europe 1ro. Gr. B 16 of 22 1 (2010)
9 Serbian (25) Europe 1ro. Gr. A 4 of 22
10 UK (5) Europe 1ro. Gr. I 16 of 22 1 (1966)
11 Swiss (14) Europe 1ro. Gr. C 12 of 22
12 Netherlands (10) Europe 1ro. Gr. G 11 of 22
13 Argentinian (4) South America Top 4 18 of 22 2 (1986)
14 Iran (21) Asia Top 2 Gr. A 6 of 22
15 South Korea (29) Asia Top 2 Gr. A 11 of 22
16 Japanese (23) Asia Top 2 Gr. B 6 of 22
17 Saudi Arabia (49) Asia Top 2 Gr. B 5 of 22
18 Ecuador (46) South America Top 4 4 of 22
19 Uruguay (13) South America Top 4 14 of 22 2 (1950)
20 Canada (38) Concacaf Top 3 2 of 22
21 Ghanaian (60) Africa Playoffs of Africa 4 of 22
22 Senegalese (20) Africa Playoffs de Africa 3 of 22
23 Morocco (24) Africa Playoffs of Africa 6 of 22
24 Tunisian (35) Africa Playoffs of Africa 6 of 22
25 Portuguese (8) Europe Playoffs of Europe 8 of 22
26 Polish (26) Europe Playoffs of Europe 9 of 22
27 Cameroon (37) Africa Playoffs of Africa 8 of 22
28 Mexico (9) Concacaf Top 3 17 of 22
29 US (15) Concacaf Top 3 11 of 22
30 Welsh (18) Europe Repechage 2 of 22
31 Australia (42) Asia Repechage 6 of 22
32 Costa Rican (31) Concacaf Repechage 5 of 22



World Cup Qatar 2022 groups

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H
Qatar England Argentina France Spain Belgium Brazil Portugal
Ecuador Iran Saudi Arabia Australia Costa Rica Canada Serbian Ghana
Senegal USA Mexico Denmark Germany Morocco Swiss Uruguay
Netherlands Welsh Poland Tunisia Japan Croatia Cameroon South Korea


FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 match schedule

  • Group stage: Nov 21-Dec 2
  • Round of 16: Dec 3-6
  • Quarterfinals: Dec 9-10
  • Semi-finals: Dec 13-14
  • Third-place match: Dec 17
  • Final: Dec 18

FIFA World Cup 2022 kickoff times

As we know the matches of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will take place at different times, here we present them:

Stage(s) Local (Qatar) USA & Canada (ET) UK (GMT) Australia (AEDT) India (IST)
Group stage only 1 p.m. 5 a.m. 10 a.m. 9 p.m. 3:30 p.m.
Group stage only 4 p.m. 8 a.m. 1 p.m. 12 a.m. 6:30 p.m.
Knockouts only 6 p.m. 10 a.m. 3 p.m. 2 a.m. 8:30 p.m.
Group stage only 7 p.m. 11 a.m. 4 p.m. 3 a.m. 9:30 p.m.
Group/Knockouts 10 p.m. 2 p.m. 7 p.m. 6 a.m. 12:30 a.m.


2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Trends

With the FIFA World Cup not far off in that frame of mind, all over the planet are contemplating whether they can wager on FIFA eSports and what are the chances. You can now get the most recent FIFA wagering chances here at Fun88. Our sportsbook offers the best chances on FIFA web based games and rivalries consistently. You can follow your number one eSports stars as they fight it out for significant awards in the computerized world. So in the event that you're hoping to get in on the activity, make certain to look at our anticipated FIFA 2022 football wagering chances and on the match dates as the chances might vary.

Country Odds
Brazil +450
France +550
England +600
Spain +750
Germany +1000
Argentina +1000
Belgium +1200
Portugal +1200
Netherlands +1400
Denmark +2800
Croatia +3500
Uruguay +5000
Poland +6500
Senegal +6500
USA +8000
Serbia +8000
Switzerland +8000
Mexico +10000
Wales +10000
Ghana +15000
Ecuador +15000
Morocco +20000
Cameroon +25000
Canada +25000
Japan +25000
Qatar +25000
Tunisia +30000
South Korea +40000
Australia +40000
Iran +50000
Saudi Arabia +50000
Costa Rica +100000

2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Predictions

FIFA World Cup 2022 will occur in Qatar, and Brazil is one of the top choices to bring back home the prize. The Seleção are right now the No. 1 positioned group in FIFA's rankings, however they've battled at ongoing World Cups. Brazil has won the World Cup multiple times, yet they haven't lifted the prize starting around 2002. Brazil might track down France, Britain or Spain too solid in the last option phases of this competition. In any case, with Neymar driving the way, Brazil will be an awe-inspiring phenomenon at FIFA World Cup 2022.


Assuming you're determined to wager on FIFA 2022 matches, we foresee that other than Brazil, Britain and France are the nearest competitors lifting the FIFA 2022 prize. Britain has been one of the game's stalwart countries for a really long time. The Three Lions have won the World Cup once, in 1966, and have arrived at the semi-finals on four different events. Most as of late, Britain made it the whole way to the finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, just to lose to Croatia in additional time. Notwithstanding that frustrating outcome, Britain is as yet seen as one of the top choices to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The Three Lions have a profound pool of ability to browse, and they will be looking to at long last bring back another FIFA World Cup title.


Defending champs France are likewise the top choices to win the competition. Les Bleus were brought into Gathering D with Denmark, Tunisia, and Australia. They are supposed to shield their title in 2022. The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be a memorable occasion.