How to Improve the Indian Cricket League's Brand Image

How to Improve the Indian Cricket League's Brand Image


1. ICL needs to develop a fan section on their website where fans can find all the details on tickets, new franchises, and merchandising.

2. Player photos and printable logos should be available on the main website.

3. An "online community" for improved fan interaction should be established where fans of all clubs may register and express their opinions. This will increase traffic to the website and the Indian Cricket League's financial success.

4. For improved connection between fans, businesses, and advertisers, each team must have its own website that is linked to the ICL's main official website and lists the match schedule.

5. Web marketing is the primary tool; blogs and forums can attract new customers.

6. ICL might offer "match day meal arrangements" in the stadiums as an additional source of income and market their products to a broader audience within the stadiums during match times.

7. ICL might hold fan competitions during the game and provide the largest supporter, the victor, the chance to meet his favorite player. This has the potential to draw in a lot of customers, who would then start watching the games on TV and in stadiums.


8. To gain attention, any franchise's opening ceremony should be attended by journalists, fans, and special guests.

9. Some of the chosen young players may receive sponsorships from ICL, which will encourage them to sign up and play for them.

10. The ICL could establish an academy where it would train new players and provide them the opportunity to play for the various teams in their league; this would help the ICL make money because so many players would sign up for the coaching sessions.

11. ICL must publish some schedule information and posters from prior games on their website so that anyone who missed the game can see it there.

12. To pique the attention of the big fan base, the address of the merchandise store and a few exhibits of the merchandise should be included on each ticket sold.

13. ICL may have business gatherings where corporates and players can network. This would spark much more interest from other corporates, who would then be more inclined to sponsor ICL in order to increase media attention for their companies, and ICL would profit from those sources.

14. As a significant portion of the TV-watching population, viewers in Tier II and Tier III cities need to be made aware of the ICL concept.

15. ICL must run advertisements on the top TV networks and in select daily newspapers using brand ambassadors, particularly well-known athletes who have contracts with ICL;

16. ICL may hold a national level cricket tournament among the many colleges and universities, which will increase awareness and interest.

17. ICL has partnered with Edelweiss for their sponsorships, but they still need to hunt for other business opportunities if they want the sponsorships to flow smoothly.

18. In order to attract the top talent, the league may begin running billboard commercials in smaller towns and partnering with other cricket teaching facilities.

19. ICL may impose an annual membership fee to join their league. Members would receive certain ticket price discounts, and there would be yearly events where players and fans could mingle in person.

20. ICL must make the most of Zee Sports by giving advertisers opportunities to run as much advertising as they can throughout the match hours.

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