I had been eager to complete a game like that -Timothy David

Tim David's final flurry made headlines on a night when the Wankhede Stadium saw its first-ever successful pursuit of a target over 200 yards. In the effort to score runs, Mumbai Indians had a number of heroes, but David's lightning-quick 14-ball 45 was undoubtedly one of the best.

In particular, the conclusion, when the Australian international hit Jason Holder for three consecutive sixes to secure the victory with 17 needed off six. The man seemed pleased with his performance, much like everyone else who saw the assault.

I've been quite eager to complete a game like that. David joked during the post-game press conference, "It feels amazing. The lads are enthusiastic. I was waiting for my chance because the other boys have been putting on fantastic performances. So, I'm really happy.

David has frequently made an impact with his powerhitting in the conclusion of innings, while not yet producing a large score. David has scored 300+ runs at an astounding strike rate of 189.56 in his brief 17-match IPL career, which is evidence of the man's destructive bat skills. Although he may make hitting sixes look easy from a distance, David explains that it is more difficult than it first appears to be.

"It (hitting sixes) doesn't come naturally, and this season hasn't been any different. You must run with the momentum at that precise moment. In the past few weeks, I've been working hard on the practice field. I'm appreciative of the support team, and Polly (Pollard) is present, of course. So have lots of conversations while remaining laid back and having fun with the games.

David appeared to be selected for the starting XI right away after signing a contract before the 2022 season. David, though, found himself in and out of the side during Mumbai Indians' disappointing season until earning a permanent berth in the latter rounds of the competition. By 2023, David has established himself as the reliable starter that everyone had anticipated from the beginning. The 27-year-old has also shown strong leadership on the field, engaging in regular conversation with the bowlers anytime they were under pressure.


"Last year was my first time participating in the IPL, and I was eager to establish my name and place on the team. I'm now attempting to win games for Mumbai every time I put on the shirt, though. I'm just doing what the team need, whether it be speaking with the bowlers or anything else. It feels fantastic to have a good individual performance today.

After his performance against Delhi Capitals, in which he maintained composure to secure a last-ball victory, David's effort on Sunday marked his second such outing of the season. However, the two games' environments couldn't have been more dissimilar. While the Kotla's slow, two-paced surface made it difficult, especially with the older ball, the Wankhede's surface was quite typical of the T20 cricket venue's free-stroking past.

"We think we can chase anything down, especially with the power we have in our batting, especially when batting conditions are so brilliant like they were at the Wankhede tonight. Suryakumar came out and played a fantastic inning for us. We simply grow accustomed to taking stuff from him, but that was truly exceptional. hitting the first ball for a six, followed by a few unique shots. When I step up to the plate, I try not to think about the equation too much. I'm going to savor this one because it doesn't happen very often.

There will always be discussions about getting a powerhitter more deliveries to face in order to have a greater impact. The Kolkata Knight Riders have been struggling with the Andre Russell issue for a while now, since they are unable to precisely time the Jamican's entry point. With David, it feels like batting higher in the order would allow him to do so much more damage. He responded to the question concerning this in a pretty general way.

I'm willing to help the team in whatever way, even though it seems cliche. We have Ishan, Rohit, and Greeny coming out and smacking it, so I'm not sure where I would move the up order. And Surya. None of those players will be removed from their batting positions by me. I am content at my job, with the caveat that occasionally I won't have a significant function or stand out individual performance.

David's drive to develop his game on a consistent basis has been one of the most outstanding aspects of his burgeoning T20 career. David's style is more adaptable and he enjoys hitting the off-side just as much as most powerhitters, who prefer to tonk the ball mostly on the leg-side. Adding to this is the deft touch David has incorporated into his game, which enhances his impact and allows him to adjust to various game scenarios and conditions.

I'm trying to become a more all-around player, so I'm working as hard as I can on that kind of stuff (power hitting). I occasionally have the ability to strike hard, but I'm also working on my versatility, looking for the best alternatives, and consistency. We have demonstrated our ability to adjust by scoring when the batting conditions are less than ideal. We had to fight hard to catch up in the Delhi game when we were chasing, but tonight there was a new energy and a different strategy.

Sangakkara heaps praises on Jaiswal

Yashasvi Jaiswal's remarkable 124-ball, 62-ball performance for the Rajasthan Royals earned praise from head coach Kumar Sangakkara. Jaiswal has improved significantly as a T20 hitter from his debut season in 2020, when he was criticized for lacking the power game. His coach is aware of this, either.

He is not only incredibly skilled, but also very diligent, according to Sangakkara. He devotes a lot of time to practicing in the nets and getting ready. He has been working with us on his game for three to four years, and the results only go to show how motivated and focused he is.

The Wankhede Stadium's surface appeared to be favorable for strokeplay, but none of the other Royals batters reached 20 and were able to time the ball with the same fluidity as Jaiswal. The 21-year-old kept the innings going on his own despite the continual loss of wickets at the other end. Naturally, Sangakkara believes that Jaiswal has a bright future.

He batted nearly the entire innings, which was unusual, and he performed well. Yash still has a ways to go, both with us and worldwide. He must continue to put in effort, produce runs, and knock on doors.

Jaiswal went to the top of the season's run charts following his inning on Sunday. The Mumbai-based batsman has scored 428 runs from nine innings, averaging a respectable 47.56, but it's his strike rate of 159.70 that really makes you notice how well the left-hander is doing. Jaiswal spent the previous two seasons honing his T20-level aim, and in the 2023 season, he has gone one step further.

"Believing in his abilities, reading the game and situation really well, and, when he does get the start, trying to make the most of it (and) maintaining the intent throughout the innings. He averaged a little low against pace prior to this IPL and had not batted much outside the powerplay, but he demonstrated here and in the previous game what he is capable of when he maintains his focus. He can pitch for us in meaningful innings.

Jaiswal's efforts allowed the Royals to set their opponents a target that was a stadium record. However, a determined run chase spearheaded by Suryakumar Yadav and won by Tim David caused the visitors to place second on the evening. Sangakkara decided against being overly critical of Rajasthan's bowling performance while simultaneously appreciating the minor details that needed improvement.

"Yashasvi Jaiswal in particular batted exceptionally well, and together we reached a fantastic total of 212, which is not an easy number to chase. We could have definitely bowled a little bit more consistently throughout the powerplay, but the way they batted—particularly the way Tim David and Suryakumar Yadav completed it, as well as Cameron Green and Suryakumar Yadav in the middle—showed a lot of intent. Tim David was too skilled for us on this particular day, despite the fact that we had to defend 17 runs in the final over.


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