Rahul was pleased with India's effort in the triumph at Chattogram

India's acting skipper confessed he was concerned about how the team's long-awaited return to the longest format would affect the 'bodies' after the team's big 188-run triumph in Chattogram. India has not played a Test match since losing to England in Birmingham at the beginning of July. Rahul continued by saying he was proud of the perseverance India was able to display throughout the match, winning the majority of the game's phases to secure the victory early on Day 5.

Rahul remarked, "I am quite proud that our energy and effort have been exceptionally high and we have maintained that throughout the Test match. "We have been extremely dedicated to the team over the past five days, but we haven't played Test cricket in a while, so there was some concern about how our bodies would respond and how long we could stay on the field while still being focused and intense. We executed that extremely well, in my opinion, and I find that very satisfying."

Despite making a valiant effort to fight back toward the conclusion of Day 4, Bangladesh ultimately gave up and lost. Domingo bemoaned Bangladesh's first-inning batting performance and said that it destroyed any chance of them winning the match. Rahul agreed that India's advantage resided in the size of their first-innings lead (254 runs).

"Yes. The lead gave us a lot of breathing room. This game was likely to end in a draw if Bangladesh had received 300 or 350 "said Rahul. "We would have attempted to turn it into a game, but that would have been challenging. However, once a team is dismissed for 100 or 150, you have enough of time to bat for another 50 or 60 overs and put them back in the field for two days. That provided our bowlers some extra time."

Rahul agreed that India delivered an all-around effort, with contributions from all parts of the team. Kuldeep Yadav performed admirably in his debut Test after February 2021, earning a wicket. Mohammed Siraj also played a key role in India's success in bouncing Bangladesh out of the game for just 150 and setting up the game effectively for the visitors.

" Although there are still certain things we can do better, I'll take the victory. Everyone showed up. In the first innings, Siraj and Kuldeep both bowled with the ball. Even the bowlers who failed to claim any scalps offered the guys great encouragement, according to Rahul.

"I thought Axar bowled extremely well in the second innings, but Ash [Ashwin] and Kuldeep really kept the pressure on. Unfortunately, despite bowling some excellent spells, keeping it tight, and occasionally beating the bat, Umesh and Siraj were unsuccessful. Overall, it was an excellent performance, and this is what we want to accomplish together as a team, Rahul continued.

The second and final Test of the series will be played at the Sher-e-Bangla stadium beginning on December 22. The two teams will now travel to the capital.

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